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Global Innovations Inc. state of teh art integrated smart seismic sensor systems

State of The Art

Integrated Smart Seismic Sensor Systems


Global Innovations, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Welcome to GII


Global Innovations, Inc. (GII) is introducing a state of the art integrated smart seismic sensor system (ISSS) capable of out-performing by a large margin any competitor's system sourced worldwide.  GII is now marketing the application of this new integrated seismic sensor technology in a myriad of other market segments, such as early warning border and zone security, energy (oil and gas) exploration, diagnostic medical equipment, and many other industrial market segments.  This site briefly describes the new (ISSS) technology.

About Us

GII’s (Global Innovations, Inc.) vision is to custom design, system engineer and integrate smart sensor systems for  a  variety of  security  applications  such  as  Early Warning Border Security Systems (EWBSS). With system level performance 3-10 times better than current competitors, this game changing technology coupled with significantly lower acquisition and life cycle costs will allow the development and implementation of products and systems never before imagined.    


Whereas, the systems engineering and high level system product development will be achieved through GII, the base sensor component technology has been developed and tested  for  several  years  by  our sister  company Precision  Sensors  and Instruments,  LLC., (PSI).  


GII is working in close conjunction with PSI to apply this breakthrough seismic sensor component technology for development of the state of the art integrated EWBSS.  GII also has a global reach with access to field representatives located in Eastern and Western Europe and the Middle East.


Global Innovations, Inc. is a Los Angeles, California based start-up systems engineering company  initially  formed in  the  USA in  2012  and  reformed  as  a  Delaware  “C”  corporation in June 2015.    


We are proud of our world leading marketing and technical accomplishments and look forward to developing with our customers integrated EWBSS solutions or applications in medical diagnostic equipment and energy exploration.  



Levon Paul Thorose, CEO

Los Angeles, CA USA

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