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Industrial & Scientific Applications

Other Applications


There are many other applications for the sensor system above and beyond Early Warning Border and Zone Security, Energy and Water Exploration, and Medical Diagnostic Equipment.

Other applications:

  • High Precision Scales

    • One nanometer absolute position sensor

      • Displacement

        • Slow motion can be detected (0.001 to 1,000 Hertz or 6 decade bandwidth)

        • Rate of change of displacement

          • Velocity

          • Acceleration

  • Three Dimensional (3D) sensors to measure displacement at nanometer scale for precision

    • CNC machines

    • Medical device products 


  • Earthquake Detection

    • High signal to noise ratio throughout bandwidth

    • Wide frequency bandwidth; 0.001 to 1,000 Hertz (six decades of bandwidth)

    • Extreme low frequency capability to detect signals that travel through the earth’s crust; 0.001 to 1 Hertz

    • 1 nanometer resolution

  • Automotive Diagnostic Equipment

    • Engine development diagnostic equipment

Other Applications Text
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