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Investor News


GII is a Delaware based C Corporation with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. Through its Silicon Valley based law firm, (Menlo Park, CA), it has raised funds from private, accredited investors through two investment rounds - Series A-1 and Series A-2.

Interested qualified investors may contact Global Innovations, Inc. for further information.

June 2022
GII is currently raising investor funds through Series A-3. The funding interval is now open through summer 2022.  Interested qualified investors may contact Global Innovations, Inc. for further information.
August 2020
Funding from the Reopening of Series A-2 has been acquired from new and existing investors over the past year.  As a result, GII has with great success far surpassed its funding goal for 2020 and officially closed the offering.
August 2020
Funds from the Reopening of Series A-2 are earmarked over the course of 2020 to 2022 to complete a redesign of the seismic sensor system for production readiness.  Completing this effort places GII in a strong position to acquire future business with customers in border/zone security applications and the energy exploration industry. 
February -
August 2020
GII extended the Reopening of Series A-2 offering until August 2020 as a result of continued investor interest in spite of the pandemic and its attendant global economic slowdown.   As a result, GII has greatly exceeded its funding goal and its previous record funding level for Series A-2 in 2017.
September 2019
Reopening Series A-2 shall occur in late September 2019 to raise additional funds.
September 2017
GII closed Series A-2 investor funding in September 2017. It has far exceeded its goals for acquiring investor funds. 
April 2017
GII is please to announce that it is retaining legal counsel with the international law firm Rimon Law P.C. based in the heart of Silicon Valley - Palo Alto, CA. They are experts in high technology startup companies.  The continuity of our legal representation is  maintained as our corporate attorney is now based with Rimon.
September 2016
GII exceeded its funding goal when closing Series A-1 in September 2016.
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