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Core Applications

Border & Zone Security


Smart seismic sensors are buried near the surface creating a belt on the ground surface which provides early warning when an intruder enters the detection zone.  This type of EWBSS provides early warning, which is proportional to the radius of the sensor's detection range.  The larger the detection range the earlier a warning can be provided. 

Energy Exploration (Oil & Gas)


GII’s superior SFCO sensor system from sister company PSI has a capability that easily outperforms current geophone based sensor systems by a margin of at least five to one in sensitivity (i.e., increased distance).  In addition, it can provide better detection identification due to its extremely wide bandwidth (i.e., improved resolution).  The SFCO sensor system can be utilized at frequencies far below the geophones’ 5 Hertz capability.  In fact, the SFCO sensor system is capable of operating at frequencies as low as 0.001 Hertz – frequencies far better able to penetrate the earth.  This means it can better differentiate the composition of the earth for improved oil and gas exploration capability.

Medical Diagnostic Equipment


GII’s sister company, Precision Sensors and Instrumentation, LLC has developed the Smart Medical Sensor System (SMSS), a variation on the SSS - a sensor technology specifically for medical applications. The SMSS has several advantages over current medical diagnostic equipment. With its high resolution, sensitivity, SNR and wide bandwidth capability, it can be utilized in non-invasive medical diagnostic equipment to detect abnormalities at frequencies never before utilized – 0.001 to 5 Hertz. The high SNR capability provides strong, uncluttered human vital sign signals for extraction of useful information without the need for complex software algorithms and the associated costly electronics.


The ability to acquire human vital sign signals below 5 Hertz is revolutionary and provides medical practitioners with data never before seen. This disruptive new sensor technology opens up new avenues of research to form the basis for the next generation of precision, full bandwidth, high sensitivity medical diagnostic equipment.

Industrial & Scientific Applications


There are many other applications for the sensor system, above and beyond Early Warning Border and Zone Security, Energy and Water Exploration, and Medical Diagnostic Equipment. Read more...

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