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GII / PSI Partnership


GII is engaged in the management, marketing, sales, systems engineering, testing, inspection and implementation of new integrated smart sensor systems (“ISSS”) technologies worldwide. While Precision Sensors and Instruments, LLC (“PSI”) provides the core smart sensor system (“SSS”) to GII, GII handles the product environmental testing for the SSS and the customized systems integration and network connectivity of the SSS with the customer’s system as discussed below. The Company is offering new ISSS technology that can be utilized in a variety of industrial applications such as: (1) early warning state border and zone security systems and (2) energy exploration (oil and gas).

PSI’s SSS is integrated into GII‘s ISSS by: (1) conducting extensive environmental tests to determine the durability of the SSS under extreme conditions; (2) identifying and implementing customized integration requirements for prospective customers; and (3) providing network connectivity. GII also intends to provide long-term service contracts to repair and/or maintain the ISSS.


All of GII’s applications are custom designed installations due to performance specifications that are specialized for each customer’s specific scenario. While the hardware remains the same, the software must be optimized. For example, for border/zone security or energy exploration applications, ground composition, terrain and environment are key factors for product software optimization.


Two high reliability electronic assembly manufacturers in southern California have been qualified by GII for hardware production. Both companies specialize in custom build-to-print electronic and mechanical assembly manufacturing and test and will be utilized by GII to build world class state of the art hardware.




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