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GII / PSI Partnership


GII is engaged in the management, marketing, sales, systems engineering, testing, inspection and implementation of new integrated smart sensor systems (“ISSS”) technologies worldwide.  While Precision Sensors and Instruments, LLC (“PSI”) provides the core smart sensor system (“SSS”) to GII, GII handles the product environmental testing for the SSS and the customized systems integration and network connectivity of the SSS with the customer’s system as discussed below.  The Company is offering new ISSS technology that can be utilized in a variety of industrial applications such as: (1) early warning state border and zone security systems, (2) energy exploration (oil and gas), (3) medical diagnostic equipment and (4) other industrial and scientific applications. 


PSI, a company located in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, has developed a smart sensor system (“SSS”) that utilizes a revolutionary seismic sensor termed the single layer flat coil oscillator (“SFCO”).  The CEO of both PSI and the Company (GII) is Levon Thorose, while the CTO of both companies is the inventor of the SFCO, Dr. Samvel Gevorgyan.  GII and PSI work together to bring their shared vision and interests to bear.


With PSI’s SSS, GII integrates it into its ISSS by: (1) conducting extensive environmental tests to determine the durability of the SSS under extreme conditions; (2) identifying and implementing customized integration requirements of prospective customers; and (3) providing network connectivity for the prospective customer’s EWBSS.  Initially, GII intends to sell such ISSS to customers who act as prime contractors for the end users (“Prime Contractor Customers”). The Prime Contractor Customer builds and installs the final configuration of the EWBSS for the end user on a comprehensive level, incorporating other security systems such as video, night vision infrared cameras, fiber optic induction line detection systems or physical barriers (i.e., fences).  GII also intends to provide long-term service contracts to repair and/or maintain the ISSS. 


PSI provides the core SSS that allows GII to design, integrate, test and network the ISSS into the Prime Contractor Customer’s custom EWBSS.  Due to GII’s extensive knowledge, familiarity and understanding of both the Prime Contractor Customer systems and PSI’s SSS technology, GII will be instrumental in facilitating the integration of the Prime Contractor’s EWBSS with the SSS. All of GII’s applications for the Prime Contractor Customer are custom designed installations due to performance specifications that are specialized for each customer’s specific security scenario, ground composition, terrain and environment.  In contrast, PSI’s SSS that GII utilizes in its ISSS is relatively unchanged from contract to contract, thereby simplifying the manufacturing process.  Without GII’s ISSS, the SSS cannot directly satisfy the needs of end customers.


In the event that any U.S. end customer requires domestic production of portions of the SSS, the Company has a plan in place to manufacture non-proprietary hardware at Irvine Electronics, a world class manufacturing facility located in Irvine, California.  Irvine Electronics specializes in custom build-to-print electronic, and mechanical assembly manufacturing to build and test sub-assembly hardware.


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